Advent Calendars · Christmas Workshop 2020

DIY Advent Calendar 😍

Hi everyone, earlier in the week I shared this wonderful DIY Advent I’ve made for my Mum & Dad.

I enjoy making these and after my mum commenting on how much she liked the one I made last year, I thought I would make her one this year.

Here’s the one I made last year using foam board.

The foam board was quite challenging for many so I decided to make this year’s version using greyboard.

DIY Advent Calendar

The greyboard is much easier to cut and work with and favoured much more tan the foam board!


2mm Greyboard available here.

Advent Numbers available here.

Christmas Trees available here.

Rice lights availableΒ here.


1 piece of A3 approx 16.1/2 length 2mm greyboard x 11.1/8

2 pieces of 2.3/8 x the height of the greyboard for the sides of the box.

14 pieces of 2.1/4 x 11.1/8 greyboard for the shelves and top and bottom of the box.

25 pieces of 9″ x 3.3/4 white card.

Score along the 9″ side at 2.1/8, 4.1/4, 6.3/8 & 8.1/2

Score along the 3.3/4 side at 1.5/8

25 pieces of 1.7/8 x 1.3/8 glitter card and 25 pieces of 1.5/8 x 1.1/8 card to mat and layer the front of the boxes.

Check out my tutorial below to see how it all made.

You can create any scene you like inside, I kept to my ‘go-too’ bristle trees, faux snow, and rice lights.

The big bow and reindeer figures were leftover from last year’s projects.

DIY Advent Calendar


Happy crafting


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