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Catch them while you can!

There is something really satisfying about putting away the Christmas decorations, don’t get me wrong I love Christmas, its my favourite time of year but I really like taking it all down and giving everything a good clean! I’m currently sat down with a nice cup of tea and enjoying the smell of my new…… Continue reading Catch them while you can!

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How to make your own Blending Tools

I love when I find some cool cheap way of making my crafting work better for me. I was shopping in Walmart the other day and I came across these makeup sponges. I was drawn to them as they are a curved wedge shaped and not the same as others I’ve seen. You get 18…… Continue reading How to make your own Blending Tools

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Crafty Stash! 

Today was fun, look at this wonderful sight! Had a great crafty day today with my mum,  craft shopping and lunch,  just perfect. First stop Hobby Craft to stock up on Stazon, Stazon Metallic Gold, Versafine, Momento ink & double-sided tape. Then onto Poundland where I got lots of Ribbons, Embellishments and some Glitter paper.…… Continue reading Crafty Stash! 

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New crafty bits!

I love buying craft stuff, so I was very happy to find all these fun things. I purchased them all from a place called Buyoligy, they have 6 stores, 3 in Devon and 3 in South Wales. Unfortunately, they don’t offer an online shop so you will need to go into the stores. I have…… Continue reading New crafty bits!

Things I buy

My obsession with Card Stock!

I’m currently away visiting family so I’ve been unable to do any crafting, however that doesn’t mean I cant buy stuff! Firstly I was wondering around Sainsbury’s yesterday and browsing their magazines. I came across Mollie Makes a beautiful, colourful magazine. The cover instantly caught my attention and the free pack of pretty pencils was…… Continue reading My obsession with Card Stock!

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Learning the art of Calligraphy

I have terrible handwriting and have always written in CAPITAL LETTERS! My teachers were always telling me off for this but its stuck with me ever since. My dad is a fantastic Calligraphy writer and it always fascinated me but with my poor writing, I’ve never tried it myself. Over recent years Calligraphy writing, Brush…… Continue reading Learning the art of Calligraphy

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New Toys!

January may be cold, dull and depressing but I’ve always loved it! You see my birthday is in January and as a child, I would be given birthday money to spend in the sales. My pennies always went further as I made sure I brought bargains and therefore got a lot more things! Still, at…… Continue reading New Toys!

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A crafty bargain

I love a bargain so my eyes lit up when I found all this lovely stuff… Paperchase sale in Selfridges Pom Pom trim 2.25 Party Confetti 2.25 Clear stamps 2.25 Christmas plastic stickers 1.50 Shop the sale now Waterstones Sale Black paper 60p Butterfly punch 2 pound Stickers 75p Shop the sale now This was…… Continue reading A crafty bargain