Stunning Lattice Fold Cards

Hi everyone, last week I had a go at the Lattice/Plait fold technique.

This has been a very popular video with so many of you re-creating your own beautiful versions.

This paper fold style is a form of Kirigami, as there is folding and cutting, unlike Origami, where you only fold the paper.

There are thousands of free templates available online along with books and tutorials showing you many different folds.

I was requested to do this style card and when I was looking at the templates I never found one that had the Lattice fold running right along the side of the card, there was always a gap and I wasn’t so keen on the finish. So I had a play around and drew up this template.

Once you’ve made up one you can photocopy it so you have them ready for whenever you want to make this style.

Weaving the ribbon through was an after thought and something I only thought to do when I was decorating the card. I think it works really well and really finishes off the card.

You really get to appreciate the Lattice detail when the card is opened.

This style also works great as a pop up element, by simply adding a scoreline either side of the Lattice fold you can adhere it to the inside of the card instead.


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You can apply this template to any size card you like, my card is a 5 x 7 size with a 4.3/4 x 6.3/4 and 4.1/2 & 6.1/2 mat and layer.

Check out my tutorial below to see how I made these.

Thank you for stopping by today.

Happy crafting



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