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Beautiful Pop-Up Book Cards

Hi everyone, here are my Pop-Up Book Cards I recently designed. I first made this version below during a recent Facebook live. The clever inside workings of this card allow 3 pages to pop up when the card is opened. I’ve added 3 pages, but you could add in another 2 if you like. These…… Continue reading Beautiful Pop-Up Book Cards

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Crossover Pointy Card

Hi everyone, I recently came across this style card on the Crafts Too Facebook page, I had no idea who made it but have since been told it was a member of the John Next Door design team called Margaret Pauling, I’ve also been told that this style has been around for a long time,…… Continue reading Crossover Pointy Card

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Unusual Drawstring Gift Bag

Hi everyone, I’m back with #2 of my Gift bag Series. This Drawstring style bag is inspired by a Cartier version from the 1930’s! Of course mine isn’t made of Antelope skin and gilded eighteen-karat gold like that one, but I think it still looks lovely.  I made 2 styles and give you the measurements to…… Continue reading Unusual Drawstring Gift Bag

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EASY Bay Window Cards

Hi everyone, I had, had a few requests to make a Bay Window card, after looking on Pinterest I saw one by Maria Taylor from Cards Taylor Made by Maria . At first glance, you think this card is quite complex, but it’s actually incredibly easy. I made a 5′ x 7′ version, but it’s very…… Continue reading EASY Bay Window Cards

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Stylish Safari Style Gift Bag

Hi everyone, I’m back with number 2 of my Handbag Series, this series has been really well received and I’m so pleased that many of you are looking forward to it. I was inspired by a brown leather Marc Jacobs handbag from 2002. This is a great size and will fit some lovely gifts inside.…… Continue reading Stylish Safari Style Gift Bag

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Unusual Pinwheel Cards

Hi everyone, following on from the Tower Block cards I made a few weeks ago, I’ve made these Easy Pinwheel Cards! You can make these any size you like and with as many sides you want! My favourite is the hexagon shape. This is 6′ tall and will fold down to a 6′ x 7’…… Continue reading Unusual Pinwheel Cards

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Explosion Box Card with Slider Lid and 3D Birthday Cake!

Hi everyone, after putting a request out on my Facebook page, lots of people asked if I would make an Explosion Box Card! I’ve made these before and have a few styles on my channel, however I’ve never made one with a cake inside! I was also asked to use my Slider die set, so…… Continue reading Explosion Box Card with Slider Lid and 3D Birthday Cake!

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Unusual Accordion Gift Bag

Hi everyone, I’ve decided to start a new Gift bag Series. I plan to work my way through this wonderful book and recreate the designer bags into paper gift bags. First up is the unusual Accordion Gift Bag. The bag neatly folds down and held together with a top flap and hook and loop fastening.…… Continue reading Unusual Accordion Gift Bag

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NEW! Tower Block Cards

Hi everyone, here’s something new for you to try. I’m calling this a Tower Block card, I saw an image on Pinterest by, It’s a brochure, but the style caught my eye and I wanted to try and turn it into a card fold. I’ve made 3 sizes and they all fold flat. The…… Continue reading NEW! Tower Block Cards

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Penny Slider Rocker Cards

Hi everyone, I’m back with another Penny Slider Rocker card, this time in the style of a Fish Bowl! I used my Papercraft Society kit 19 to decorate this card. I feel I’m able to use this kit on so many style cards and have a few more to share with you over the coming…… Continue reading Penny Slider Rocker Cards