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Gold Bar Shaped Gift Boxes

Hi everyone. So I made these gift boxes a while ago and after I finished them I thought they would look great in gold Mirri card after seeing some very tiny gold paper bars at a Chinese temple. I loved them so much I posted them up before these. These are bigger and give you…… Continue reading Gold Bar Shaped Gift Boxes

Christmas · Christmas Workshop 2017 · gift boxes · Unusual Gift Boxes & Bags

Squashed Orb Gift Boxes

Hi everyone today I have these unusual Squashed Orb Gift Boxes.   I absolutely love these and for those of you who follow me regularly will have seem the Orb Tree Decorations I posted last week, well these have evolved from them. All I done was remove the middle strip of squares and it gave me this…… Continue reading Squashed Orb Gift Boxes

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How to make a gift box using the Envelope Punch Board

Good morning everyone, I hope you are all well. I’m currently say on the airport floor at Shanghai airport waiting to fly back to the UK for a fun 4 weeks with family and friends. I have been very organised and pre-recorded over 20 tutorials to keep you all inspired throughout November and I hope…… Continue reading How to make a gift box using the Envelope Punch Board

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Twist & Close gift box with pretty plait handle

Hey guys I have an unusual style gift box for you. This idea is something I ‘CASED’ from this gift bag below. My husband and I were doing some Christmas shopping and this particular gift was presented in this adorable box for no extra cost. I was so delighted and the poor sales adviser  probably…… Continue reading Twist & Close gift box with pretty plait handle

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Pumpkin Trick or Treat boxes

The first project to kick start my Halloween week are these fun Pumpkin like Trick or Treat boxes. I had originally made these at Easter thinking they would look like Carrots!! The Carrot shape was a failure however I thought the could resemble some kind of pumpkin quite well. Those of you who follow me…… Continue reading Pumpkin Trick or Treat boxes

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Wedding Gift Box or Favor

Hello, I’ve been thinking about weddings today! I had some lovely light green card that reminded me of my sisters wedding day and it inspired me to make a wedding gift box which I thought would also work well as a table favor for guests. I used the lovely Birdcage die from Hobbybase as I thought the…… Continue reading Wedding Gift Box or Favor

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Docrafts Creativity Magazine Feature

Hi everybody, I hope you have all had a lovely weekend with lots of crafting going on, I’ve had a lovely weekend and it was topped off when I received this months copy of Docrafts Creativity Magazine and opened up page 57 to see my Triangle Gift Box featured.  I have a huge smile on…… Continue reading Docrafts Creativity Magazine Feature