The Tools I Love

Hi everyone, I get asked daily what the names are of the different tools I use,  below I have made a list of the tools I use most often, hopefully, this will help you, I will continue to update this page as and when. 🙂


“Baby Blue” By Tattered Lace.                                                 Simply Scored Scoreboard

This is now hard to find but still                                                   By Stampin Up. Shop

being sold on eBay & Amazon

140215_STANDARD__000_20151111                                                 122334G

Screw Punch by Xcut. Shop                                  Fiskars Deluxe Paper Trimmer. Shop

74d10c021a9a4e4bbd46ad6ca35c2872                           SureCut-Deluxe-Craft-Paper-Trimmer-12

Jackson’s Art A2 Cutting Mat.  Shop                                              Bamboo Bone Folder. Shop

acjecma_add_2                                                  IMG_20180502_155332.jpg

Xcut Large Corner Punch. Shop                                                Tim Holtz Pokey Tool Shop

584749_1000_1_800                                51UOg+MaaWL._SY355_