Mother's Day Series 2017

Nice big Gift Bags!

Number 4 of my Mothers Day Series 2017

Now there are thousands of wonderful gift bag tutorials on YouTube but I found very little showing how to make very large bags.

I was asked by a friend to make a big bag for a gift she had and it got me thinking about making more for my Mothers Day series.

I ended up putting together these wonderful 12 x 4 gift bags


To make these bags you will need…

x2 12 x 12 patterned card of your choice.

x2 6 x 12 plain coloured card of your choice.

x2 2 x 12 plain coloured card of your choice.

2 equal lengths of lace or ribbon to complement the bag for the handles.

Strong red double-sided tape.


Hole punch.

Edge punch (optional)

Check out my full tutorial below.



My cardstock was from the Works Uk, unfortunately, they no longer stock this one online, however, you may still find it in some store. I’ve popped a link here anyway directing you to their others cardstock designs.


These are very straightforward bags to make and can carry so much stuff.




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