Twisted Triangle gift box

I love unusual boxes and I’m always looking at new designs. I’m a fan of Sam at Pootles and saw that a while back she made a a lovely twist and close gift box which got me thinking.

I had a play around with the measurements and wandered if it would work if I turned it upside down!

Surprisingly this worked really well and looked really effective, it gives you the illusion that it will fall over but its really strong and with the added lid the box looks great.


To make these boxes you need…

11 x 12 plain card stock for box.

Score along 11′ side at 3.1/2, 7′ and 10.1/2

Score along 12′ side at 3.1/2 and 9.1/2

x 3 pieces of DSP ย 5.3/4 x 3.1/4 for main panels.

Cupcakes & Carousels DSP

5.1/2 x 4.3/4 plain card stock for lid.

x 1 piece of DSP 3.1/4 x 3.1/4 to decorate the lid.

Nest of circle dies for sentiment.

Stamp of your choice.

Check out my tutorial below.

Mine measure 9.1/2 x 3.1/2 so a really good size. I made them to hold these 250ml cans of drink, they sit perfectly and make a great gift.

Hope you enjoyed this project and remember to share with me your makes on my

Mixed Up Craft Facebook.




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