Book style gift box

I’m so excited to share this project with you all today. I love when an idea comes together so well and ends in a beautiful gift box.


I’ve mentioned a lot my love of Brown card, it cuts, scores and folds perfectly and was the best card to use for this kind of project.

To make this gift box you will need…

3 pieces of brown card 8.1/4 x 11.3/4

On 2 of them score at 1′ & 2′ on all 4 sides.

On the 3rd piece score along the 11.3/4 side at 4.3/4 and 7′

2 pieces of brown card 7.11/16 x 1.1/2

2 pieces of brown card 4.3/16 x 1.1/2

For the Tassels 1 piece of brown card 7′ x 2′

For the tassels 1 piece of printed card 7′ x 2′

2 pieces of printed card for decoration 8 x 4.1/4

‘Window Shopping’ Stamps by Stampin for Sentiment.

Square Dies for sentiments.

Check out my video below for the full tutorial.

I hope you enjoy making this gift box.

Happy crafting




3 thoughts on “Book style gift box

  1. Just finished watching your amazing Video of this fantastic Book Project.
    Definitely a must to make for me. Housework for tomorrow will be done later so I have lots of “Playtime”.

    Liked by 1 person

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