Feeling quite proud of myself!

My blog is famous…well at least a little bit!!

I found out this week that my little blog has been recommended by Making Cards Magazine as Managing Editor Sally Jarvis’s ‘Ones to Watch’


From something I started a little over 6 months ago its now become a huge diary cataloging my world of Paper Craft.

I absolutely love what I do and i’m overwhelmed some days from the lovely emails, messages and comments I receive, telling me how much they enjoy my tutorials and tips. Its such a lovely community to be part of, filled with so many talented people.

A big thank you to those of you who have already taken an interest in what I do and a big welcome to all my new followers and subscribers it really means a lot.



7 thoughts on “Feeling quite proud of myself!

  1. Congrats Sam, well deserved recognition for all your clever tutorials.
    I still want to try your napkin fused technique….i loved it.

  2. Hey, thank you so much, you must try it, I got a little addicted and now have lots of beautiful papers. I’m looking out for Xmas themed napkins already so I can start prepping Xmas papers πŸ™‚

  3. Congratulations! I discovered you today while searching for gift packaging ideas on you tube. I will certainly be checking in regularly. Thanks for sharing your projects.

  4. Best tutorials with fabulous, creative and unusual projects made easy. Thank you.

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