Pop Up Box Cards

3D Pop-Up Star Cards

Hi friends, today I’m sharing these 2 lovely 3D Pop-Up Star cards that I made. This was a requested tutorial by a few people, and I was sent a tutorial by Iced Images on YouTube. She made a larger version of this card, and I thought it was great. I wanted to make a 6…… Continue reading 3D Pop-Up Star Cards

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Drawstring Sack Gift Bags!

To end my Christmas Series 2021 I’ve made these cute Drawstring Santa’s Sack Gift Bags These have evolved from my Whiches Cauldrons I made back in November. By extending the top and changing a few measurements you get these cool drawstring effect. If you add a base they make brilliant table favours, sit them in…… Continue reading Drawstring Sack Gift Bags!

Christmas Workshop 2021

Retro Faceted Christmas Crackers

Every year I love to make different Christmas Crackers for my table and personalise them with the gifts inside. After finding this amazing Lametta card at the Creative Craft show I wanted to make a slightly different shape that suited the card’s retro design. These have a faceted shape, so although they look square they…… Continue reading Retro Faceted Christmas Crackers

Christmas Workshop 2021

EASY WAYS | How to make a Large Reinforced Gift Box!

Hello friends, I’m always being asked to make larger and stronger gift boxes and bags so I made this reinforced 11′ x 4′ x 4′ gift box. I worked the size around a gift I had. This will hold bottles of liquid, candles, tools, and many other heavy gifts. I used the fabric paper I…… Continue reading EASY WAYS | How to make a Large Reinforced Gift Box!

Christmas Workshop 2021

Adorable Mail Box Gift Boxes

Hi everyone, I recently made these cute Mail Boxes and they’ve been so well received by so many of you. Check out our group Mixed Up Crafters if you want to see all the wonderful versions being shared! These will make wonderful table favours, gifts for your neighbors, left on their door step or just…… Continue reading Adorable Mail Box Gift Boxes

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How to make a Gift Caddy | 4 Boxes in 1!

Hi friends, I recently made this Gift Caddy which holds 4 individual gift boxes. This is a lovely way to wrap smaller gifts, especially if you have a few different things. The boxes are also great on their own if you just wanted to make one of those. I love the huge bow and the…… Continue reading How to make a Gift Caddy | 4 Boxes in 1!

Christmas Workshop 2021 · Gift Ideas · Shadow Box Decorations

4 Mini Crackers in a Clear Gift Box

Project number 2 of my Christmas Series is this cute shadow box containing 4 mini Christmas crackers. This is a lovely way to gift 4 different gifts or as an individual table or party favours. I haven’t added the snaps into these crackers, but it’s easy to if you wish. I have a Cracker playlist…… Continue reading 4 Mini Crackers in a Clear Gift Box

Christmas Workshop 2021

Envelope Style Gift Card Boxes

Hi everyone, for my second Christmas project I’ve made these cute Gift Card Envelope boxes, with real wax seals. These are a nice size for those smaller gifts, but I thought they were perfect for gift cards or money. Or for sending your letters to Santa! I’ve kept the decoration pretty simple and used the…… Continue reading Envelope Style Gift Card Boxes

Christmas Workshop 2021 · Unusual Gift Boxes & Bags

Adorable Slope Topped Gift Box

Hi everyone, recently I had an idea to make a roof top style gift box and came up with this cute version. This measures 6′ x 2.1/2 x 7′ making it a great size to gift a present or lots of sweet treats! I love the little scene I’ve created above the roof tops. SUPPLIES…… Continue reading Adorable Slope Topped Gift Box

Christmas Workshop 2020

Hi everyone, every year I make my own Christmas Crackers for the table, each year I like to do a different design. I’ve done circular, hexagonal, triangular, and this year square. These are made using 1 piece of A4 card making them a great size for a small gift, hat, and a joke! These are…… Continue reading