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Handbag Style Faceted Gift Bag

Hi everyone, I’m starting off the week with this pretty Faceted Gift Bag. Similar to lots of my other gift bags, but with some easy and clever scoring on the side panels you can create a completely different look. I was inspired by these gift bags I made last year. Check out the video for…… Continue reading Handbag Style Faceted Gift Bag

faceted gift bags · faceted gift boxes · gift bags · Unusual Gift Boxes & Bags

Pretty Faceted Gift Bags

Hi everyone, so sorry for this very late post, better late than never though! On Monday I shared these lovely Faceted Gift Bags. I regularly find myself scoring and folding cardstock in the hope I find some peculiar shape that would make a cool looking gift bag or box. That’s how I came up with…… Continue reading Pretty Faceted Gift Bags