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Pretty Faceted Gift Bags

Hi everyone, so sorry for this very late post, better late than never though!

On Monday I shared these lovely Faceted Gift Bags.

Pretty Faceted Gift Bags

I regularly find myself scoring and folding cardstock in the hope I find some peculiar shape that would make a cool looking gift bag or box.

That’s how I came up with these gift bags and I think they look really good.

Pretty Faceted Gift Bag

One opened these bags are quite roomy and will fit plenty of treats inside as well as heavier items, such as a candle.


Pretty Faceted Gift Bag

You can choose whether to add a handle or not, both ways look nice. You can also hole punch 2 holes and add ribbon to fasten you gift bag instead or velcro dots or magnets.

Pretty Faceted Gift Bag

To make these gift bags you will need…

1 piece of 12″ x 12″ cardstock, score along one side at 2.7/8 & 5.3/4 rotate the cardstock making sure that the two previous scorelines you done are towards the top of your scoreboard, then score at 2.7/8, 5.3/4 & 8.5/8 down to the second scoreline only then at 11.1/2 all the way down. There are more scorelines to add with your ruler, these are easier to follow by watching my tutorial below.

4 pieces of 2.5/8 x 2.5/8 pattern paper.

4 pieces of 2.1/2 x 5.3/4 pattern paper.

6 – 8 pieces of 2.1/2 x 2.5/8 depending on whether you want to decorate the inverted sides on the closure of your gift bag.

1 piece of 8.1/2 x 1/2″ for your handle

1 piece of 2″ x 1″ for your closure, score along the2″ side at 1″ and fold in half.

The paper pack I used is an old Craft Smith 12″x 12″ one, I purchased it on sale from a local store in China, however, I’ve been told Michaels in the USA are still stocking it as well as Amazon. Unfortunately, I can’t find anywhere in the UK selling it.

Craft Smith, Serenity Paper Pack

Check out my full tutorial below to see how its made.

If you don’t have any embellishments to decorate your projects try fussy cutting some images from the paper pack you used, it’s a nice way to finish your projects.

Pretty Faceted Gift Bag

I love the purples in this one.

Pretty Faceted Gift Bag

Thank you for stopping by.

Happy crafting



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