How to make your own Blending Tools

I love when I find some cool cheap way of making my crafting work better for me. I was shopping in Walmart the other day and I came across these makeup sponges. I was drawn to them as they are a curved wedge shaped and not the same as others I’ve seen.


You get 18 in a pack for 1 pound, around $1.50 and teamed with the box of black bulldog clips for 1.50 around $2 you’ve got yourself some Blending Tools.


My top tip for these is to pinch them with the bulldog clip along the length of the sponge and not the width, this way it gives you a curved effect meaning you don’t get any lines from the inks. After all you do is squeeze the silver clips on each side and they will pop out leaving just the black clamp.


Having so many I’m now able to have a Blending Tool for every ink pad I own so I’ve labelled each one with little sticker on the top, not only does this save me time but also from getting stained finger tips!!!

Check out my mini tutorial below showing you how I made these.

Hope you like this frugal alternative.

Happy crafting



2 thoughts on “How to make your own Blending Tools

  1. Hi Jean I found some makeup storage boxes with lots of individual cubes inside which where the perfect size for my blending tools. I will post a picture onto my Facebook page x

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