DIY Hanging Map Hearts

How lovely are these Hanging Hearts


I have a little addiction to collecting maps, I have loads and have done many ‘Map crafts’ over the years. I got inspired to do these from looking at these cute wooden hanging houses I purchased a while ago from one of my favourite shops in Totnes UK which has now sadly closed.

These are made from MDF put the same concept.


These are perfect gifts and fit neatly into a card so great for posting.

I just want to say that I don’t go around ripping up books, most of mine are from charity shop brought books that are made in there thousands and if they are old maps they are from incomplete books I’ve purchased from Car Boot sales.

I’m a book lover so would never dream of destroying anything nice or old.

These are dead easy to make all you need is a plain heart die, some maps, strong card or chip board and some ribbon or rope.

Check out my quick video below to see how I put them together.




A lovely quick and easy project for an afternoon of crafting.




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  1. great idea to remember your travels….one for every place you’ve traveled to.

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