Origami Pen Pot Holder

Now this is cool! Super fun easy Origami Pen Pot.


I first saw this on my Instagram feed by Maxine Crafts who I follow. I then typed in Origami Pen Pot and saw lots of videos making them and watched a video by Paper Folds.

It’s only folding so no special craft tools are needed.

To make this you will need…

6 pieces of 8 x 8 paper or card.

6 pieces of 2 x 3.1/2 white card optional

Large 4.1/2 circle die or small plate

You will need to watch my video tutorial below to see how I’ve made it as although it’s easy to make it’s to much to write down.

I love my personalised pen pots, least now I wont keep loosing my pens and pencils!


I really enjoyed this project and love how great it looks.

Give it a go.



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