Unusual Gift Boxes & Bags

Unusual Close Oriental Gift Bag

More inspiration and this time from Chinese Fruit Boxes!  Seasonal fruits in China are regularly given as gifts in these large beautiful boxes.


We have been lucky to have received a fair few since living hear so I decided to deconstruct one and make up one myself.



I used my lovely papers which I purchased from a clearance book shop in Ningbo, for more info on these check out my Large Gift Pouch YouTube video.

To make these lovely gift bags you will need…

2 pieces of 11 x 8.1/4 card stock

Score along the 11′ side at 3.1/2 and 10.1/2

Score along the 8.1/4 side at 3.1/2 and 6.3/4 then rotate the card to the other 8.1/4 side and score at 3/4 to second score line. Then score back along the 11′ side with side that you just scored running along the top and score at 1 & 2.1/2 to the first score line.

2 pieces of patterned paper 6.7/8 x 3.1/8

2 pieces of 10′ ribbon or string.

4 Brads

4 die cut circles roughly 3/4 in diameter

Check out my full tutorial below showing how I made it.



Hope you enjoyed this and remember to share any of your makes on my Mixed Up Craft Facebook page.




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