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Fun Rubik’s Cube Gift Boxes

Hello, all and happy Friday! Today is a very fun and colourful project.

Check out these awesome Rubik’s Cube Gift Boxes.

Rubik's Cube Gift Boxes

I got the idea for these from my own giant Rubik’s cube that my husband won at the amusement arcade when we were on a date! It holds a lot of sentimental value to me, so it was lovely to make these and remember the fun time dating we had.

The below picture is the real Rubik’s Cube.

The real Rubik’s Cube!

These are very easy to make, the only fussy and time-consuming bit is sticking on all the squares.

I’m going to be using one as mini storage in my craft room and the other for a gift.

I really think these will look fantastic as party favours at any party, they are so fun and bright.


To make these you will need…

2 pieces of 7.1/2 x 11 black card

Score along the 7.1/2 side at 3.1/2 & 7

Score along the 11″ side at 3.1/2, 7 & 10.1/2

you then need to choose the 6 colours you want to use, for a traditional Rubik’s cube you will need…


You will need 9 x 1″ x 1″ square in each colour. I found a punch is best for this and much quicker, if you don’t have a punch then you will need to cut 1″ stripes and cut that down to 1″ square that way.

I also used double-sided sticky sheets rather than using wet glue because it’s quicker and not messy.

My double-sided sheets are from Stix 2 Anything.

Check out my full tutorial below to see how I made them.



I hope you have enjoyed today’s project and I have given you lots of ideas and inspiration.

Have a crafty weekend.



6 thoughts on “Fun Rubik’s Cube Gift Boxes

  1. This is so cute and frankly, even CUTER hearing your story behind it about how it is related to a date with your husband! Thank you so much for all the details, right down to using the sticky sheet; awesome! I’m gong to be making some now for my roomie gifts at a convention; woot! Love this; you did a great job, too! TFS! 🙂

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