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Double Tower Card

Hello everyone, today I have another new card style. I’m calling this a Double Tower Fold Card.

Double Tower Fold Card

The sides resemble a Tower block to me, and I thought that name worked well. My husband & I had such a laugh, as I asked him “What name would you give this card?” Well, his suggestions were just so funny and he was enjoying taking the mickey out of all the card names. Just one of his suggestions was a “Double Stepping, Pop In & Out, U & Z Fold, Pop Up, Fold Flat Card!!!!

I’m laughing just writing this blog post! Think I will get him to design a card and feature on one of my tutorials.

Double Tower Fold Card

If you want to make this in A2 size 5.1/2 x 4.1/2, you will need a piece of 5.1/2 x 8.1/2 cardstock, scoring at 1″, 2″ & 3″ on both ends along the long side.

To make the 5″ x 7″ card size you will need…

1 piece of 7″ X 9″ cardstock for your base.

Score along the 9″ side at 1″, 2″, 3″, 6″, 7″ & 8″

1 piece of 6.3/4 x 2.3/4 silver mirri card to mat the front.

1 piece of 6.1/2 x 2.1/2 patterned paper to layer on top.

2 pieces of 6.3/4 x 3/4″ mirri card to mat the sides.

2 pieces of 6.1/2 x 1/2″ pattern paper to layer on top.

Circle dies for sentiment, approximately 3.1/2 & 3″ diameter.

The supplies used are from my Hobbybase Club kits. If you would like to find out more about joining the club please visit

There are extra pencil lines and cutting you need to do but it’s easier to just watch my tutorial below and use my template attached.

Double Tower Fold Card Template.

Full tutorial.

I hope you enjoy this new style and give it a go, I think its a really fun and fresh look perfect for many occasions. Oh, and there is plenty of space on the back to stamp your sentiment and write your message.

Double Tower Fold Card

Double Tower Fold Card

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Happy Crafting.



8 thoughts on “Double Tower Card

  1. Awesome card. I made a thank you card as soon as I saw it. Would rather see it done to fit A2 envelope as this required extra postage.

  2. Thanks for your tutorials. Having so much fun trying out your great cards. xx

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