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Easy Laminated Storage Pockets

I’ve finally had time to catch up and do this blog, so sorry for the delay, just had a lot of things going on!

Anyway…here are my Easy Storage Pockets.

Easy Laminated Storage Pockets

I’ve received so many comments about how much you liked these and some of you have been very very busy and made loads!

Easy Laminated Storage Pockets

They really are so handy and I plan on making a lot more.

Easy Laminated Storage Pockets

You can make these in any size you like so I’m not going to write down the measurements as it really doesn’t matter.

The papers I used are the Dovecarft Nature’s Grace papers by Trimcraft, these are available from Hobbybase & The Range.

My Snaps & Pillars are from Amazon.

I’ve had these for some time now and have always used them on fabric, so I was super pleased to see how well the worked with paper and plastic.


Check out my full tutorial below to see how I made them.

The designs are endless!

Easy Laminated Storage Pockets

Keep your pictures coming I love seeing them, you can share your makes over on my Facebook page Mixed Up Craft.

Happy crafting



4 thoughts on “Easy Laminated Storage Pockets

  1. Made a couple of these and they are so cute and fun thank you. I messed up one cutting the edge to close and it came open. But that how we learn. Thank you Sam for all your fun creations.

  2. I have been making the small and large versions. Very pleased with my efforts, such useful pockets. I messed up the first few as its not easy to get the cut straight once you get blade in, but after a lot of practice – I’ve cracked it. Love them. Yay. Thanks Sam.

  3. I just love your website. So many great things to make. I have been following all your crafts and they are great. Love the storage pouch. Thanks so much

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