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Large Hanging Reverse Fold Card

Hi everyone, I have made this rather large card using the basic Origami Reverse Fold.

Reverse Fold Hanging Card

This can be made as large or small as you like.

I used 5 sheets of 8 x 8 cardstock for this one.

Reverse Fold Hanging Card

I used the gorgeous “Wild Flowers” collection from Rosie’s Studio who I have recently come across and now love. Here’s their Facebook page for you to check out the collections. I’ve been told they are working on a new online store.

Reverse Fold Hanging Card

With just some simple score lines the whole card folds neatly into this 4 x 4 reinforced gift box.

It was really hard to photograph so I’ve made this quick video showing you how it looks and fits in the box.

I added chipboard to the top and bottom to give it a better structure and weigh it down and also popped a metal corner protector on the very end to give it a more finished look.

To make this card you will need…

7 pieces of 8 x 8 cardstock, keep 2 of these to one side as they will be used for your gift box.

You need to score the remaining 5 pieces at 4″ on both sides so to form a cross through your card, then turn it to a diamond shape orientation and score from corner to corner. Repeat that on all 5 pieces.

2 pieces of 3.7/8 x 3./7/8 chipboard for your top and bottom. This is optional but I do think it helps with weighing it down and giving it a more finished look.

2 pieces of 5″ x 5″ pattern paper to cover your chipboard.

6 pieces of  3.1/2 x 3.1/2 pattern paper to stick to the 6 squares running through the middle of your card.

10 pieces of 3.1/4 x 3.1/4 pattern paper to decorate your triangles on both sides. You need to cut these pieces from corner to corner, giving you 20 triangles.

Take the two other 8 x 8 pieces of cardstock To make the lid you need to score one at 7/8 on all 4 sides and then pull the card out slightly from your scoreboard and score at 1.7/8 & 6.1/4 then rotate the card and repeat the last 2 score lines.

For the base, score the other piece at 1.7/8 on all 4 sides.

Ribbon to decorate your gift box and also for the hook.

1 metal corner protector, again optional. Mine is 18mm x 4mm

Check out my full tutorial below to see how I made it.

I still need to decorate it more but I didn’t want to give away who I was making it for.

Reverse Fold Hanging Card

You can also decorate the back but because mine is intended to be hung I just decorated the one side. These also make great scrapbooking gifts as you can add photos to the squares etc.

Reverse Fold Hanging Card

It’s a big project but as I mention in my tutorial, perfect for those special birthdays.

Have a wonderful weekend and happy crafting.



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  1. Your cards are absolutely wonderful. My 4 year old grandson who now lives in England and loves opening the post box to find something with his name on it, is going to find lots of cards from his grandma.

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