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Squash Top Gift Bag

Hi everyone, earlier today I shared these pretty Squash Top Gift Bags, I love playing around with score lines and finding ways to create new styles.

Stunning Squash Top Gift Bag

These are not hard to make but do require a little more work on the closure.

Stunning Squash Top Gift Bag

The V&A I used, has been a favourite of mine this year, the patterns are so versatile and have worked with so many projects.

Stunning Squash Top Gift Bag

The stunning Prima flowers finish the bags of beautifully and really add that special touch.

Stunning Squash Top Gift Bag

This is another fold flat bag, I try to make all of my gift bags fold flat as I can store them easily for when I need them.

Stunning Squash Top Gift Bag

To make these you will need…

2 pieces of 12 x 12 pattern paper or cardstock.

If you have directional paper make sure it’s facing the right way and score at 3″ & 11.1/2

Rotate your paper so the 1/2″ tab is facing the bottom and score at 3″ & 10″, you also need to score at 4.1/2 but only to the first score line on one piece and all the way down on the other.

Rotate back into the original position and score at 1.1/2 down to the second score line.

You need to do some more scoring but it’s best to follow my tutorial with the template I use.

There are so many Prima flowers available, just type them in on eBay or Amazon and you will find tons.

The buckles I use are available from The Works.


The V&A paper is available from Hobbycraft.


Check out my full tutorial below to see how I made them.

For the green leaves below, I by the artificial flowers you can find in Ikea and The Range and cut them down, it’s a cheap way to get real looking flowers.

Stunning Squash Top Gift Bag

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  1. Another beautiful gift bag. You are just the talented one & so happy the company saw that in you!

  2. Regarding the squash top: hopefully, you will delete my comments. I was turning my paper incorrectly and putting the 10″ mark in the wrong place. Yikes. Excuse me, please.

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