Getting More From Your Dies Using Arteza Heat Transfer Vinyl

Hi everyone, last week Arteza very kindly asked me to continue collaborating with them, so I got to choose some more product! How exciting…

I have chosen the Water Brush Pens, Watercolour Pencils, Glitter Pots & Heat Transfer Vinyl.

            Arteza Real Brush Pens  Arteza Heat Transfer Vinyl

Arteza Fine Glitter Jars          Arteza Watercolour Pencils

You can shop all of Arteza’s great products with my direct link below.

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Arteza Shop

First up I decided to try the Heat Transfer Vinyl. I haven’t tried vinyl transfers for many many years so it was fun to see how much it had changed from what I can remember.

Arteza Heat Transfer Vinyl - Personlised Gifts

I won’t lie, I got a little carried away with this and found my self searching for items to personalise or decorate…I love it!

I personalised some black pajamas, a beach bag, T-shirt, Make-up bag, Shopper Bag & Kids Hoodie!


Arteza Heat Transfer Vinyl - Personlised Gifts

I must say they all turned out great and it was very quick and easy to do.

I would say to do a couple practice runs first so you can see how your Iron or Heat Mat works with the vinyl. Make sure you have the steam off and protect any surfaces f your not using an ironing board.

The alphabet dies I used are from Stampin Up and the First Edition Ilama die is available here.

Arteza Heat Transfer Vinyl - Personlised Gifts

I guess I stuck safely as this was my first attempt and I didn’t want to waste any vinyl.

Arteza Heat Transfer Vinyl - Personlised Gifts

I love the Ilama I attached to a white T-Shirt above and my customised shopping bag below.

Arteza Heat Transfer Vinyl - Personlised Gifts

I was unsure if it would work on my make-up bag and the first go left the vinyl looking worn and almost melted, so I tried adding another layer and it works perfectly.

Arteza Heat Transfer Vinyl - Personlised Gifts

I think this is perfect for personalising gifts, for party decorations and so much more and a great way to use your dies.

Check out my full process video below.

I highly recommend this product, it’s good value for money, you get a good selection of colours and it’s easy to use with a standard Iron.

Arteza Heat Transfer Vinyl

I don’t have anything bad to say about it as I have nothing to compare it against but It’s done everything I expected it to do. In terms of it lasting, well, I won’t know until I start using the items and start washing the garments more, but after one wash already the vinyl is stuck on strong.

I would love to see Arteza bring out some glitter vinyl as I know that would be very popular!.

I hope you have enjoyed this different kind of video from me today and give it a go.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Happy crafting.



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2 thoughts on “Getting More From Your Dies Using Arteza Heat Transfer Vinyl

  1. It is better sometimes to wash the garment first specially a flanelle material which might stretch or the opposite word sorry I can find the right word . I cut my design from My scan n cut Dx machine which is a beauty. You have all sots of vinyl on Aliexpress.overall you are very inspiring, well done.

  2. Hello Sam!
    Right, silly question coming up😂
    Can this only be used on fabric?
    I’ve seen really nice Christmas baubles with vinyl transfers and I was wondering if this could be used.

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