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Record Your Own Message Card

Hi everyone, today I have these cards where you can record your own message.

Record Your Own Message Card

A normal looking card, but once opened it plays your recorded message.

Record Your Own Message Card

The small hole in the photo above reacts to light so once the card is opened the message plays and then once closed the message stops.

This is what the voice recorder looks like and I purchased mine from eBay here.

Voice Recorder Module

You can buy 10 second, 20 second & 30-second modules but I have seen longer ones, you can also buy blank cards with the module already fitted.

Record Your Own Message Card

I decorated the cards using my favourite Dovecraft Secret Garden collection which is available from Craft Stash here.

Record Your Own Message Card

To make these cards you will need…

1 piece of 11″ x 7″ white cardstock for the base of the card.

Score along the 11″ side at 1/4″, 1/2″, 5.1/2, 5.3/4 & 10.3/4

1 piece of 10″ x 7″ white cardstock for the top closure of the card.

Score along the 10″ side at 5″

2 pieces of 4.7/8 x 6.7/8 pattern paper to cover the front and inside of the card.

2 pieces of 4.7/8 x 6.7/8 black card to cover the inside case of the card.

Fun foam to stick inside the case to support the card and block out any sunlight.

Check out my full tutorial below to see how I made it.

The floral print below worked well with this card as I was able to punch a small hole in the centre of one of the flowers, disguising the light sensor perfectly.

Record Your Own Message Card

I’m so pleased these cards work and I look forward to recording a nice message and giving them to someone special.

Record Your Own Message Card

Happy crafting everyone.



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3 thoughts on “Record Your Own Message Card

  1. Thanks Sam on where to purchase the modules! I made a scrapbook for a couple that was moving away about five years ago and purchased a module from a craft store in my area that has since gone out of business. But that is truly a fun project I really enjoyed compiling the photos and recording the family story. You’re awesome with your ideas and thanks for sharing!

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  2. Hi Sam,
    Thank you for this tutorial, unfortunately despite the sales bit in ebay saying it worked when exposed to light , i have just received mine and they only work when a button is pressed, its not a problem, but if you have an idea on how I can get people to press the button I would really appreciate it.

    Thank you for all the fab tuitorials

    Best Wishes


  3. Hi Nicky, have I answered this question somewhere else? I’m sure I read it somewhere else. Can you not write ‘Push here’ or ‘Press here’ I know Lawn Fawn have a stamp set that have all of these kinds of saying on them to be used on interactive cards. 🙂

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