Beautiful DIY Drawer Storage

Hello everyone and Happy New Year, to kick start this new year and decade I’m sharing this beautiful drawer storage.

Beautiful DIY Drawer Storage

I needed something to hold my ink cubes and designed this lovely piece.

Beautiful DIY Drawer Storage

The great thing about this is you can also use it as shelving storage and if you make more then one you can stack them on top of each other to make a storage piece.

Beautiful DIY Drawer Storage

I’ve designed this so it can hold 40 ink cubes per draw, however, you can use it for whatever you want. I think it would make a beautiful vanity for jewellery or makeup.

Beautiful DIY Drawer Storage


The Paper Tree ‘A Touch of Romance’ 12″ x 12″ paper has now sold out however, I also have the ‘Lakeside Blooms’ pad and I think that would also look beautiful for this project. It’s available here.

5mm Foam Board available here.

My Butterfly brads were from Buyoligy, however, you can use, buttons, beads or real knobs to decorate yours, even some rope/string handles would look good.


To Make 1 of the draws

2 pieces of 5.3/4 x 1.7/8 board for the sides.

1 piece of 7.1/4 x 6″ board for the base.

1 piece of 1.7/8 x 7.1/4 board for the back

1 piece of 2.1/8 x 7.1/4 board for the front.

For the unit & shelves

3 pieces of 7.3/8 x 6.1/8 board for the shelves.

2 pieces of 7″ x 8.1/4 board for the top and bottom.

1 piece of 7.7/8 x 7″ board for the back.

2 pieces of 6.1/2 x 7″ board for the sides.

I think its best for you to do your own measurements for covering everything as yours, may, in places be different and you may also not want to cover everything as I do. I do however give a lot of the measurements to my pattern paper in the tutorial below.

I really adore this piece and will certainly be adding to it.

Thank you for visiting today, I really hope you’ve enjoyed today’s tutorial and give it a go.

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Have a wonderful day



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