DIY Envelopes

Let’s Talk About Envelopes!

Hi everyone, in the 4 years of me having this blog, I’ve realized I’ve never really spoken much about envelopes!

Every day I share my card designs but never talk about the very important envelope, so I thought I would fill this blog post with all the info you need!

I have a few videos on YouTube and I will talk about them through this post, but I first wanted to share my most recent video where I show you how to make your own envelopes using just the card you have made and some paper, I also call these my bouncy envelopes!

This is a great video if you are just starting out and maybe have limited supplies, but also if you prefer to make things from scratch as I know many people who don’t enjoy using the envelope making tools that are out there.

If you have missed this video and would like to make your own envelopes, then check it out below.

Many of you will also know that I love to add dimension to my cards and I tend to make large cards, so last year I made a video for 2 styles of 6 x 6 and 5 x 7 envelope boxes. This has been a very popular video and one that many of you use regularly. If, like me, you make a lot of dimensional cards or like to add flowers and other embellishments to your cards, then check out this video below.

Many people like to buy store brought envelopes and therefore don’t need to make their own, however sometimes you may just need something a little bigger or maybe you’ve made a fun fold card, and those standard envelopes just won’t work! Because of this many people have invested in envelope making tools, with the most common being the Envelope Punch Board available here. However, do shop around as many companies have their own tools too.

I have one of these and they are very useful and easy to use and I have a video showing you how to use one below.

I also thought I would mention and share my other envelope tutorials and projects in this playlist below, so if you like to make mini albums, card packs, or envelope style cards, then check out the playlist as I think you will enjoy some of the videos.

I hope you find this information useful.

Happy crafting



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