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New Style | Cascading Gatefold Cards

Hi everyone, I love to combine card styles and was looking back at my older cards and thought the Cascade style would look great inside a Gatefold card.

I think this totally transforms the cascade style and turns it into a real showstopper card.

I used the Dovecraft Butterfly Kisses for the purple version and the new Dovecraft Finding Paradise for the yellow and pink one.

You can really build this card up more and add bars inside the 2 concertina sections to create a pop-up box effect, similar to the Pop-Up Gatefold card I shared recently.

The card has a belly band to keep it together or you can pop it into one of my envelope boxes here.

The Butterfly Kisses, Decoupage pad works great for the belly band topper.


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Dovecraft Butterfly Kisses available here.

Dovecraft Finding Paradise available here.

Bark effect embossing folder by Creative SOLD OUT.


1 piece of 10.1/2 x 7′ card for the main gatefold.

Score along the 10.1/2 side at 2.1/2, 2.3/4, 7.3/4 & 8′

2 pieces of 10.1/2 x 7′ card for the cascade section.

Score along the 10.1/2 side on both pieces at 2.1/2, 5′, 7.1/2 & 10′

2 pieces of 2.1/4 x 6.3/4 embossed paper for the back cascade sections.

2 pieces of 2.1/4 x 6.1/2 pattern paper. Cut on an angle so one side is 5.1/2 high.

2 pieces of 2.1/4 x 5.1/4 embossed card. Cut on an angle so one side is 4.1/4 high.

2 pieces of 2.1/4 x 4.1/8 pattern paper. Cut on an angle so one side is 3′ high.

2 pieces of 2.1/4 x 2.3/4 embossed paper. Cut on an angle so one side is 1.3/4 high.

4 pieces of 2.1/4 x 6.3/4 pattern paper for the front and inside panels.

1 piece of 1′ x 3′ card to connect the front of the cascade section.

1 pieces of 4.3/5 x 6.3/4 coloured card and 1 piece of 4.1/2 x 6.1/2 white card for the back to stamp and write your message.

1 strip of 1′ x A4 or 11′ length for the belly band.

1 piece of 3′ x 3/4′ card for the piece to place your sentiment or topper.

Score along the 3′ side at 1/2, 1′, 2′ & 2.1/2

Check out my full tutorial below.

If you would like to watch me make this version, check out my Facebook live Craft Along here.

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