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Double Drawer Travel Gift Bag

Hi everyone, this week I’ve shared Gift bag number 7 of my Handbag Series.

This gift bag is inspired by a 1905 Travel bag and also a 1940 handbag which was designed to hold a gas mask in the drawer below.

I can see this being decorated with Christmas papers and filled with festive gifts and treats.

It’s actually 2 projects in one, the bag on top is separate and a great style on it’s own and the double drawer section makes a great gift box.

It’s a good size and can hold a lot, it’s easy to re-enforce if you want to pop something heavier in there.


Craft Sensations HAPPY design pad. I purchased this inshore at The Range, you may find sellers on eBay or check your local stores.

25mm ‘D’ rings available here. The middle size in the link are the 25mm size I used.

 Drawer ring pull handles are 20mm diameter available here.


2 pieces of 12′ x 10′ card for the main bag.

Score along the 12′ side at 3.1/2 & 11.1/2

Score along the 10′ side at 3.1/2 & 7′ just to the first scoreline.

Then score back along the 12′ side at 1.3/4 down to first scoreline.

1 piece of 12′ x 8′ card for the drawer section.

Score along the 12′ side at 1.3/4, 4.1/4, 7.3/4 & 10.1/4

2 pieces of 8.1/2 x 8.7/8 card for the drawers.

Score at 2.1/2 on all 4 sides.

4 pieces of 3.1/4 x 2.1/4 pattern paper to cover the smaller ends of both boxes.

2 strips of 1′ x 8′ card for the top of the bag.

2 strips of 1/2′ x 8′ card and 2 strips of 1/4′ x 8′ card for the bottom on the bag.

1 piece of 3.1/2 x 2.1/2 card for the closure.

Score along the 3.1/2 side at 1′

Check out my full tutorial below to see how I made it.

Happy crafting



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