Practical DIY Desk Storage!

Hi everyone, here’s a nice project for you to make for the new year.

This Large Desk Storage holds all of my tools and the tiered sections make it easy for me to see where everything is.

You can make this any size you like, so if you want it even bigger or maybe just a small unit with a few sections, then you can.

I covered the unit with colours and papers that match my craft room and I sprinkled glitter over all the edges to add a little sparkle and to hide any joins.

Here’s how the organiser looks filled with my tools, you can see it holds ALOT!


2mm Greybeard is available here.

Fiskers Trimmer is available here.

Collall Book Binding Glue is available here.


1 piece of A3 greyboard for the base and back.

Along the short side cut through 1 side at 7′ and then fold.

Divide and mark the 7′ section so you have x4, 1.3/4 sections.

1 piece of 4.3/4 x A3 length, 3′ x A3 length, 1.1/2 x A3 length, 3/4′ x A3 length for the main dividers.

2 pieces of 7.1/8 x 4.3/4 greyboard for the sides.

Lots of 1′ strips of paper to reinforce all the joins.

7 pieces of 1.5/8 x 4.3/4 greyboard for the back dividers

7 pieces of 1.5/8 x 4.3/4 greyboard with a 2.7/8 shorter side to form the angled shape.

7 pieces of 1.5/8 x 2.7/8 greyboard with a 1.3/8 shorter side to form the angled shape.

Check out my full tutorial below to see how I made it.

I hope you have enjoyed today’s tutorial, if you would like to see my other storage ideas, please click on my playlist here.

Happy crafting



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