Showstopper Cards · Tri-Fold cards · Valentines Series 2022

Double or Single Tri-Fold SHOWSTOPPER Card!

Hi friends, today’s card is a whopper! It measures 27.1/2′ x 7′!!!

It dosent have to be this long, I stuck 2 Tri-Folds together to make this showstopper size.

I thought I would turn it into a Valentines card with the sentiment ‘I Love You This Much’.

It has a great shape and folds down to a 7.1/2 x 7′ envelope size, it will also fit into my 8 x 8 Box Envelopes on my channel.

You have space on the back to stamp and write your message.


First Edition ‘Let’s Celebrate’ paper pad available here.

All My Love die by Tonic Studio available here.

Craft Perfect ‘Blossom Pink’ card stock available here.

The image of the lady is from a very old Creative Stamping magazine issue.


The measurements below are to make one half, if you want to make the showstopper as I have then just double the quanties listed.

1 piece of 10.1/2 x 7′ card for the main base.

Score along the 10.1/2 side at 1/2 & 5.1/2

Score along the 7′ side with the 1/2′ scoreline along the top at 1.1/2 & 5.1/2 down to 8′ only.

Then score back along the long side at 8′ to join the end of the previous line scored.

1 piece of 5′ x 7′ card.

Score along the 5′ side at 2.1/2 down to 1.1/2, flip and repeat on the other end.

Score along the 7′ side at 1.1/2 & 5.1/2 to join the end of the other scorelines.

2 pieces of 4.3/4 x 3.3/4 & 4.1/2 x 3.1/2 card and pattern paper to mat and layer the larger side panels.

6 pieces of 2.1/4 x 1.1/4 & 2′ x 1′ card and pattern paper to mat and layer the smaller panels.

2 pieces of 1.1/4 x 4.3/4 & 1′ x 4.1/2 card and pattern paper to mat and layer the long panels.

If you make the showstopper size and want to have the larger centre piece then you will need 1 piece of 7′ x 6.3/4 card to cover the centre ‘+’ shape.

Score along the 7′ side at 2.3/8 & 4.5/8 down the 1.1/2, then score at 1.1/2 along the 6.3/4 side to 1.1/2 so the scorelines join. Remove the corners.

1 piece of 7’x 3.3/4 & 6.3/4 x 3.1/2 card and pattern paper to mat and layer the back of the card.

Check out my full tutorial below to see how I made it.


Happy crafting



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