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Designer Handbag Faceted Style Gift Bag

Hi everyone, today I have another handbag-style gift bag to share.

I really enjoyed making this one and think it looks like a real handbag.

I took inspiration from an 1875 German handbag in my ‘Bags’ book.

I added a gift card wallet, which hangs off the strap.

It’s a great size and perfect for gifting make-up, toiletries, jewellery, etc.


Metal buckles are available here.

‘D’ rings are available here.


2 pieces of 10′ x 8.1/4 card for the front and back.

1 piece of 11.1/2 x 4′ card for the base.

Score along the 11.1/2 side at 1/2′ & 3.1/2.

Score along the 11.1/2 side at 3.3/4 & 7.3/4

2 pieces of 6.3/4 x 4′ card for the side.

Score along the 4′ side at 1/2′ & 3.1/2

Score along the 6.3/4 side at 1/2′

1 piece of 8.1/2 x 6′ card for the lid.

Score along the 6′ side at 1/2′ & 2′

Score along the 8.1/2 side at 3/4, down to the second scoreline, and at 7.3/4, down to the second scoreline.

1 piece of 7.3/4 x 3.1/2 card for the gift cardholder.

Score along the 3.1/2 side at 1/2′ & 3′

Score along the 7.3/4 side at 1.3/4 & 5.1/4

3 pieces of 1′ x 2′ card to attach the ‘D’ rings.

1 piece of 6′ x 1′ card for the handle.

Score along the side at 1′ & 5′

Pattern paper sides

1-2 pieces of 7.3/4 x 9.1/2 for the front and back.

1 piece of 1′ x 6.1/2 for the top of the bag.

1 piece of 8′ x 3.1/2 for the front of the lid.

1 piece of 1/2′ x 3.1/2 for the handle.

1 piece of 2′ x 1.1/4 for the gift cardholder.

Follow my full tutorial below to see how I made it.

If you’ve enjoyed today’s tutorial check out my gift bag playlist here for more inspiration.

Happy crafting


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