Shadow Box Decorations

Stunning Shadow Box Cards

Hello everyone, following on from the 3D Pillar card I shared recently, I wanted to make another 3D box to hold these beautiful paper flowers.

I decided to make a Shadow Box card and add a divider in the middle.

This is a bigger size, measuring 8′ x 6′.

I also made one without the divider, and you can have this landscape or portrait.

I’ve made many shadow boxes over the years and you can find other sizes here.

There is a stand on the back and a place to stamp and write your message, the stand folds flat and the card will fit into my 6′ x 8′ envelope box here.


Apple Blossom flower dies are available here.

The sentiment stamp set is available here.


1 piece of 6′ x 8′ card for the back.

2 pieces of 3.1/2 x 8′ card for the long sides.

Score along the 3.1/2 side at 1/2′, 1.1/2, 2′ & 3′

2 pieces of 3.1/2 x 6′ for the shorter sides.

Score along the side at 1/2′, 1.1/2, 2′ & 3′

Score along the 6′ side at 1/2′ & 5.1/2 down to the second scoreline only.

If you would like to add the divider you will need a piece of 3.1/2 x 5′

Score along the 3.1/2 side at 1/2′, 1.1/2, 2′ & 3′

For the stand, you will need a piece of 9.1/2 x 8

Score along the 9.1/2 side at 3, 6, 7.1/2 & 9

Follow my full tutorial below to see how I made it.

Happy crafting


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