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Pop-Up Hexagon Spring Box Cards

Hi everyone, I’m back again with my Pop-Up Hexagon Spring Box cards, this time in a 5 x 7 version.

I have a few different styles of this card now up on my YT channel, and you can find them all in my playlist here.

Like the others, these cards fold flat and there is space on the back to stamp & write your message.


Flowers & Foliage stamp and die set.

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Filagree Oval Nesting dies.

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Inverted Scallop nesting dies.

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Grid stencil.

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1 piece of 10.1/2 x 3′ card for the base.

Score along the 10.1/2 side at 1.3/4, 3.1/4, 5′, 6.3/4, 8.1/4 & 10′

1 piece of 6′ x 1.1/2 card for the arch.

Score along the 6′ side at 1/2′, 3′ & 5.1/2

2 pieces of 2.1/2 x 9.1/2 card for the springs.

Score along the 9.1/2 side at 1.1/2, 2.1/4, 3′, 3.3/4, 4.1/2, 6′. 6.3/4, 7.1/2, 8.1/4 & 9′

2-4 pieces of 1.1/2 x 2.3/4 mirror card & 1.1/4 x 2.1/2 pattern paper to mat and layer the 4 smaller side panels.

1-2 pieces of 1.1/4 x 2.3/4 mirror card & 1′ x 2.1/2 pattern paper to mat and layer the small middle panel.

Check out my full tutorial below to see how I made it.

Happy crafting,


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