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Unusual Flip Pocket Gift Box

Hi everyone,

Today I have this beautiful Flip Pocket Gift Box to share.

I’m putting together a ‘Hamper of Love’ for my Nan filled with all her favourite things.

She loves a Chicken Cuppa Soup and has one almost every day, so I needed something pretty to disguise them in.

Each pocket holds a sachet, making this gift bag perfect for, seed packets, face masks, tea bags, bath salts, and much much more.

I have 6 pockets, however, you can easily expand this and add more or less if you wish.


Katie Skilton ‘Sent with Love’ collection is available here.

Heart-shaped nesting dies are available here.

Hook & Loop is available here.


2 pieces of 4.1/8 x 11.1/4 card for the base.

Score along the 11.1/4 side at 3.1/2 & 9′

1 piece of 8.1/4 x 5.7/8 card for each sachet.

Score along the 8.1/4 side at 4′ & 8′

Score along the 5.7/8 side at 5.3/8

1 piece of 4.1/8 x 5.1/2 card for the lid.

Score along the 5.1/2 side at 3.1/2

4 pieces of 3.7/8 x 5.1/4 pattern paper to decorate the 4 sides of the box.

2 pieces of 3.1/4 x 3.7/8 pattern paper to cover both sides of the lid.

1-2 pieces of 1.3/4 x 3.7/8 pattern paper to cover the flap.

1 piece of 1/2′ x 8.1/4 for the handle, score at 1/2′ at both ends.

Check out my full tutorial below.

Thank you for watching today.

Happy crafting,


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