New Toys!

January may be cold, dull and depressing but I’ve always loved it! You see my birthday is in January and as a child, I would be given birthday money to spend in the sales. My pennies always went further as I made sure I brought bargains and therefore got a lot more things! Still, at the age of 35 with whatever money I get, I like to buy a bargain.


I’ve bought quite a few different bits and bobs over the last few weeks and today was another good shopping day.

TX Maxx is always a good place for one-off crafty bits. I picked up an XCUT Shape Cutter which is really handy for my paper crafting, it was 4.99 and works really well and I didn’t expect to find that there. I also got a lovely set of stamps by Craft Asylum for 2.99 which I can’t wait to try out and I can use with the new Docraft Artiste Pigment Inks I got for 1.99!

The last bits I got were the 2 paper packs from Poundland. I have a few of these now in different styles, I think the quality is great for the money and the designs are really nice too.

These are some of my favourite prints from the pack of 32 pages, 4 of each design.





Happy Days!

Sam x

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  1. It is so funny that I would come across this post. I have always felt that way about January too!. My birthday is in January. You hit the nail on the head about your pennies going further on the sales. I say we are lucky ! Happy Birthday! =)

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