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Wooden effect box

My 9th design for my Mothers Day Series 2017

OMG, OMG, OMG I absolutely love this box I made!

The beautiful flower topper die and wood effect adhesive sheets really look amazing.


To make this box you will need…

Flower die floral panel


x2 sheets of  brown card 8.1/8  x 10.3/4

Score along 10.3/4 side at

3/4, 1.1/2, 9.1/4, 10

Score along 8.1/8 side at

3/4, 1.1/2, 6.5/8, 7.3/8

Acetate 5 x 7. 5/8

Wood effect stickers

4 pieces 5/8 x 7.1/2

4 pieces 5/8 x 4.7/8


2 pieces of brown card at 1 x 5

1 piece of brown card at 1 x 7.3/4

1 piece of brown card at 7.3/4 x 1.5

Score this piece along 1.5 side at 3/4

For my full tutorial please click below.

Mixed Up Craft Tutorial.


The finish this wood effect product gives is so real, I highly recommend  it.



I would love to see your versions of this box so please share them with me on my Mix Up Craft Facebook page

Facebook Page

Thanks for reading and happy crafting.




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