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Trinket Box

Hi everyone, so my Mothers Day Series 2017 draws to an end finishing with this very elegant Trinket Box.

The box measures 3 x 3 x 4.1/2  and is completely re-enforced.

The detail from the embellishments and chain inside really finish this box off.

LogoLicious_20170308_111241 (2).

To make these boxes you will need…

 Plain card measuring 9 x 9 (Lid)

Score at 1.1/2, 3, 6, 7.1/2  on all 4 sides.


Plain card measuring 12 x 9 (Base)

Score along 12′ side at 3, 6, 9

Score along 9′ side at 3, 6

x4 pieces of patterned paper to decorate measuring  2.3/4 x 2.3/4


1 piece of card measuring 1 x 3 (Tab)

Score at 1/2 along 1′ side.

Plain card measuring 2.7/8 x 4.1/2 (Hinge)

Score at 1.1/2 along 4.1/2 side.

Plain card measuring 8.5/8 x 3 (Lip)

Pull the card out slightly on your score board and score along the 8.5/8 side at 3 & 5.7/8,

x2 Embellishments of your choice.

4.1/2 of chain or string.

Flower die to decorate the lid.

For full tutorial click below.

Mixed Up Craft

LogoLicious_20170308_111346 (2)

I had so much fun making these and would love to see any variations you do which you can share on my Facebook page.

Mixed Up Craft Facebook

LogoLicious_20170308_111506 (2)

 Thanks for stopping by.




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