Egg-stra Special 2017 · Unusual Gift Boxes & Bags

Easter Bunny gift boxes

I had an afternoon of wrong score lines and lots of wasted card, but I ended up with these little fellas!


In the end, they actually ended up being quite easy to make, with little cutting.

To make these boxes you will need…

Cardstock measuring 11.3/4 x 6.1/2

Googly eyes for the eyes of course.

Grey card for whispers.

White card for ears.

Now usually I give all the score lines used as well but its to hard to explain so you will need to watch the video (Sorry).

Mixed Up Craft YouTube

These are super fun and hold lots of mini chocolate eggs.

Please share any of my designs you decide to make on my Facebook page, I would love to see them.

Mixed Up Craft Facebook

Happy crafting



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