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Mini Daisy Handbag

Number 2 of my Daisy Week is this cute Mini Daisy Handbag.


This is a really simple clean design with 3 of the smaller Daisy’s along the bottom.

To make this design you will need…

11.3/4 x 6.3/4 Piece of card.

Score along 11.3/4 side at 3/4, 2.1/4, 6.3/4 & 7.3/4

Score along 6.3/4 side at 1.1/4 & 5.1/4


3 die cut Daisy’s

Check out my full tutorial below to see how its made.

Sometimes it’s the simple things that work best which is why I love these so much.

Hope you enjoyed this quick project, look out tomorrow for another pretty Daisy themed design.



3 thoughts on “Mini Daisy Handbag

  1. hey Sam I just want to give you a tip, any chance when you are working on white and have a white background, cud you put some other colour down and also go over score lines with a pencil, I am finding it hard to see where I’m supposed to make notches for the sides, everything is white so I cant see any thing, ur work is gorgeous and wud like to do some of ur projects so please don’t take this as a criticism ,I think u were finding it hard to see ur lines as well xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Hey Gina, sorry for delay in reply I have major problems with WordPress and not being able to see comments and likes. Yes lessened learned no more white backgrounds sticking to my green mat from bow on. So glad your enjoying my projects and thanks for the feedback 😀😀

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