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Awesome Rocket Shaped Gift Boxes!

Hi everyone, today I have these Rocket shaped gift boxes to share. These deconstructed boxes are easy to make, and you can have them any height you want. This tall one measures approximately 11″ tall and 8″ wide, and with its hexagon shape, there is loads of room inside. This shorter one measures 8″ high…… Continue reading Awesome Rocket Shaped Gift Boxes!

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Christmas Tree Shaped Gift Boxes

Hey everyone, today I have a project which I have been holding off for a long time. Sometimes I make something and then I’m not sure if I should make a tutorial or if it will be well received! So here we go, these are my Faceted Christmas Tree Gift Boxes. I’ve had this idea…… Continue reading Christmas Tree Shaped Gift Boxes

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Pretty Faceted Gift Bags

Hi everyone, so sorry for this very late post, better late than never though! On Monday I shared these lovely Faceted Gift Bags. I regularly find myself scoring and folding cardstock in the hope I find some peculiar shape that would make a cool looking gift bag or box. That’s how I came up with…… Continue reading Pretty Faceted Gift Bags