Keepsake, Matchbox.

The last project of my Daisy week!

Here it is my beautiful Daisy Matchbox keepsake box.


I absolutely love this box and think the sides look quite like a matchbox.


 I went a bit crazy and completely covered this is Daisy, you might think its to much but I think you can never have to many flowers!!

To make this box you will need…

11.1/2 x 8.3/4 Brown card stock

Score at 1.1/4 & 2.1/2 on all 4 sides

10 x 6.1/2 Brown card stock

Score along 10′ side at 3/4, 2.1/8, 5.3/8 & 6.3/4

5.7/8 x 2.3/4 Coloured card for inside sentiment

6.1/4 x 3.1/8 white card for inside and same size coloured card for top outside case.

Brown paper for the side detail

Lots of die cut Daisies

Sentiments of your choice.

Check out my full tutorial below to see how its made.

 Of course you can decorate this how you like, these would look great in a softer colour and used to gift wrap a nice silk scarf for example.

Hope you enjoyed this one, because I loved it and its my favourite project from the whole week.

Have a good day.




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