Don’t throw out your Pringles tubes!

Once you pop you can’t stop!

Its true we go through tons of these tubes, it’s probably not good for the waistline but hey ho they taste good.

I kept 5 of the tubes, however, you can have any amount you like. A cluster of three look good together and I might actually add another one to mine, once I’ve eaten them!

18402702_1111115528994790_1163235568250626394_n (2)

I cut the first tube at 1.1/4 from the top of the metal rim around the base of the tube, the next one I cut at 2.1/2, then the 3rd one 3.3/4, the 4th at 5′ and the last at 6.1/4. of course you can cut yours to any length you like. Measure and cut some patterned paper to whatever length you need.

It’s really simple to make, here’s how I did mine.

This is really strong storage that I know will last a long time and it’s nice and easy to update if you get bored.

Hope you enjoy this alternative crafting from me today.



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