Swivel Lid Gift Boxes

Tooth Fairy Keepsake Swivel Boxes

I got this idea after remembering how much my sister freaked out about the thought of the Tooth Fairy coming into her bedroom and under her pillow to take her tooth! We all laugh now but those early years she was petrified about the whole thing!!

I had the idea to make these boxes for any little girls and boys who have the same fear, plus it makes it much easier for the Tooth Fairy to collect the teeth and leave her gift!!

You can hang them on the end of the bed or even the door handle and if you don’t want to hang them, then they look great just as a box on a bedside of table.

These are wonderful keepsakes to keep forever.

The make these you will need…

White card 6 x 6 for the box, score at 1′ & 2′ on all for sides.

6 die cut circles 3.1/4 diameter. You may not need as many if you are using very strong card.

Some brads.

Ribbon of choice if you want to hang them.

The die cut letters I used are the Xcut Folk Alphabet

My Fairy stamp is from a unbranded stamp set in China however I believe there is a similar one by Stampin Up.

Hope you enjoy making this one



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