DIY Coloured Embossing Paste

I first made my own Embossing Paste a few years back now and was really pleased with my recipe. There are loads of different methods on YouTube and Pinterest which I have tried but not really been happy with  the results.

Embossing pastes are so expensive and you only get a little amount. For $3-4 I can make loads!

Mine is thick and more of a dry texture to touch rather then wet. I keep mine in a air tight container and it lasts a very long time.


The colours you can make are endless as long as you use Acrylic Paint.

Here’ s my recipe…

1 Tablespoon of  any colour acrylic paint.

2.1/2 Tablespoons of PVA glue.

Quarter cup of Talcum Powder, I use the ones that are 99% Cornflour.

If your PVA glue is very runny then you may need to increase your Talcum Powder until you get a consistency like mine.

Check out my YouTube video below to watch how I made it.

You can add glitter to these to, just pour it in the more the better, its also great with heat embossing powders.

I would love to hear what you think and if you have any other good recipes that work well for you.

Let me know.



3 thoughts on “DIY Coloured Embossing Paste

  1. Hi Sam, Thanks for sharing your recipe for embossing paste. It looked so easy that I had to give it a try. I couldn’t find any non-sented baby powder and used 100% conr starch instead. I had to ad more powder and my paste isn’t as dry as yours but it works beautifully. I really love it.

  2. Hi Mirande, Your more then welcome. I understand that a lot of people will all have different brands and slight variations so consistencies may be different. Its great that yours has turned out well, its so much cheaper this way. x

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