Rainbow Masking

I love love love this effect! Whenever I have a brain block and want to do some crafting but don’t know what to make, this is what I do.


I own a ton of Masks/Stencils and highly recommend them, they are perfect if you are just starting off and building your craft supplies and are generally inexpensive.

At the beginning of the Spring back in the UK I purchased these 4 packs each containing 5 designs from the Range for 1 pound a pack. Bargain!!!!!!!

I’ve checked their website and cannot see them on there however this ‘Craft Sensations’ name is a wholesale company and I’ve seen these brands in The Works and the Pound Shops.

Other stencils I have are by Stampin Up and currently one of the sets I have are on sale here

The other ones I have which I couldn’t remember the name of in my video are by Dutch Doobadoo they have amazing products and a huge selection of masks.

To achieve this Rainbow effect you will need…

Any Mask or Stencil

8 colours of the rainbow Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Turquoise, Navy, Purple and Pink

Blending tools, check out my YouTube video showing how you can make your own.

Card stock

Check out my tutorial below showing you how I do this.

If your looking for bright cards to make then this is the technique for you.


Hope you enjoy this bright fun project.

Happy Crafting



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  1. I’m loving your open, friendly practical and inspirational blogs which have added a new dimension to my crafting and card-making since I found your site. Thank you Sam !!

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