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Halloween Table Centre Piece

I loved making project number 4 of my Halloween Week 2017.

This Halloween Table Centre Piece fits perfectly for my Halloween dinner.


As I mentioned you cant buy this kind of thing in China and I wouldn’t buy anything knowing that I could make something myself.

Its very easy to do, you just need some nice candles and some dies of your choice.

I used mainly my dies from a retired Stampin Up set called ‘Oh so Succulent’ and a few random leave dies from some other sets.

I went crazy and used my hot glue gun to pile up all the flowers around the candles. Usually I hate all the stringy bits the hot glue can leave but this time I wanted it as it kind of resembled Cob Webs.


Check out my full tutorial below to see how I made these and to give you inspiration on how to build your own.


Thanks for stopping by and checking out this project of mine. Tune in for my last Halloween project tomorrow.





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