Halloween 2017

Halloween Popcorn Boxes

This last project for my Halloween week was needed for the scary horror movie I will be watching on Halloween night.


How fun our these Popcorn Boxes, they are very simply designed but I think they look great.

These would also work well as Trick or Treat baskets if you hole punched the sides and added some ribbon for a handle.


To make these you will need…

2 pieces of black card 10 x 8.1/4

Score along the 8.1/4 side at 3′

Score along the 10′ side at 1′ to first score line, 4′ to first score line, 5′ all the way down, 6 ‘ to first score line and 9’ to first score line.

1 or 4 pieces of 4.1/2 x 5 patterned paper for fronts.

Nest of circle dies and some googly eyes (optional)

Check out my full tutorial below to see how I made them.


So thats me all done for Halloween this year, I hope you have enjoyed these projects that I have shared this week and I have been able to inspire you to get creative.

Happy crafting and have a fun Halloween.




2 thoughts on “Halloween Popcorn Boxes

  1. Hello Sam! I am so pleased to have found your posts awhile back. Thank you for sharing and inspiring. I love your teaching style and tips and I try many of your projects. Your boxes are great. I am currently overseas as well, soon to return to the US for a time. I look forward to your continued postings and will be a steady viewer! God bless you. Diana

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Diana, firstly thank you so so much for your lovely message, you really know how to make someone feel good and put a smile on their face. I’m so pleased you enjoy my tutorials and I’m able to inspire you. I’m heading back to the UK next month so lots of Christmas crafting going on atm and lots of new videos being made. Hope you like what’s to come. Sam xx


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