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Christmas Orb Tree Decorations

Good morning everyone, today I have these fun Orb Christmas Tree Decorations.


These can be used two ways, as a tree decoration or a gift box as they open up and can easily fit some small jewellery or sweets.



To make these you will need…

6.1/4 x 10.1/2 card stock

Score along the 10″ side at 1.1/4, 2.1/2, 3.3/4, 5″, 6.1/4, 7.1/2, 8.3/4 & 10″

Score along the 6.1/4 side at 1.1/4, 2.1/2, 3.3/4 & 5

17 pieces of 1″ x 1″ squares to decorate. I had an old square punch which made the process very quick.

10″ ribbon.

Hole punch.

Embellishments to decorate.

Check out my full tutorial below to see how I made them.




I love home made tree decorations and think these would be great personalised. They would also be great in a baby blue or pink and used for a baby shower tree with little gifts inside like Dummy’s, Booties, Socks & Mittens.

Happy Crafting.





10 thoughts on “Christmas Orb Tree Decorations

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    Sending many thanks from a cold Ningbo in China x


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