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Unusual Drawstring Gift Bag

Hi everyone today I have another unusual make for you.

Here are my Drawstring Gift Bags


This idea came from this image I found on Pinterest but unable to find the source and who originally made it.

Sketch (14)  I also couldn’t work out if this was made from fabric or soft foam.

After playing around for a while I managed to work out how to make one and I’ve attached templates for you as you can easily adapt it to many different shapes and sizes.

SAMSUNG CSCThese involve some clever scoring on a circular shape with no glueing and very little cutting.

To make these you will need a piece of 12 x 12 paper and a compass or large plate.

The papers I used are by Docrafts

You will need to watch my tutorial below to understand all the scoring and you can choose from my templates below what shape and size you want to do.

After watching my tutorial the 3 templates below will make more sense.

The Green highlights what you cut and where to hole punch. The Red indicates what lines you need to score and the Black lines are everything you need to draw in pencil so you can rub it all out later.

Template 1 below is an eight-sided bag with a centre circle of 2.1/2 in diameter so you need to set your compass at 1.1/4. This will give you a thin tall looking bag.


Template 2 is a 4 sided bag with a centre circle of 4.1/2 in diameter so you need to set your compass at 2.1/4. This will give you a short and wide looking bag.


Template 3 is another 4 sided bag with a centre circle of 2.1/4 in diameter so you need to set your compass at 1.1/8. This gives you a thin taller looking bag.


These templates were all done on 8 x 8 paper.

I hope I have explained this as clearly as possible and given you lots of alternative styles to try out. Its all done to getting the score lines perfect and burnishing all your score lines well. Once you have opened and closed the bags they stay set in place.

Good luck and happy crafting.




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  1. Hi Sam

    Thank you for this email that is linked to your blog post – Drawstring bag

    I have watched your video tutorial and left a comment both on your blog and on You Tube.

    You were so patient with us crafters going through each stage very carefully and showing each part of the template.

    Thank you for taking the time to put these video tutorials together.



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