DIY Travel Journal

Hello everyone, I’m really excited about today’s project.

Here is my DIY Travel Journal.


Using my favourite Kraft card this is a really strong and tough journal making it perfect to carry around with you.


I always keep my flight tickets and stubs from attractions we have visited and wanted somewhere to store them all.

I love all the pockets and how chunky and full it is.


This teams perfectly with my Backpack Gift Bag I made last week and would make a wonderful gift for anyone going travelling or be moving abroad.


To make this journal you will need…

2 or 4 pieces of 8.1/4 x 8.3/4, I used 4 sheets and stuck two of them together to make an even stronger card. If you have very strong card/chipboard which is workable for you to roll then you will only need 2 pieces of this size. My Kraft card is 300gsm by Docrafts.

2 or more pieces of 5.3/4 x 8.1/4 card for your main pages.

Score along the 5.3/4 side at 1/4″ to make a tab.

4 or more pieces of 6.1/2 x 4.1./2 card for your pockets on each page.

Score along the 6.1/2 side at 1/4″, 1/2″, 3/4″, 5.3/4, 6″ & 6.1/4.

Score along the 4.1/2 side at 1/2″.

8.3/4 x 3 card for inside front page side pocket.

Score along the 3″ side at 1/2″ and score along the 8.3/4 side at 1/4″ & 8.1/2.

The plastic sleeve I use is by MUJI but unfortunately, they don’t have any online. They measure 6″ x 8.1/2. You will need 1 piece of 8.1/2 x 1″ and 1 piece of 8.1/2 x 1.1/4 to sandwich either side of the plastic sleeve.

1 notebook approximately 5.1/2 x 8.1/2.

Paper to decorate…

Front page mat is 4.1/2 x 8.1./4.

Inside long pocket mat is 8″ x 2.1/4.

Page pocket mats are 4.3/4 x 3.3/4.

12″ of elastic.

The travel-themed dies were given to me but are available on Ebay.

I used Stampin Up ‘Soft Suede’ ink to distress all the edges and pockets.

To punch the hole through the centre for the elastic I used my amazing Screw Punch by Docrafts.

Check out my full tutorial below to see how I put it all together.

This can be adapted in many ways to suit your needs, by adding more pages etc.



The back of the journal.


The plain one I made in the tutorial.



I hope you like this project and gift idea. Remember to share any of your projects you make of mine over on my Facebook page Mixed Up Craft.

Happy crafting.



4 thoughts on “DIY Travel Journal

  1. Sam, this is such a great travel and/or general journal. It is made with such precision, with all the pockets, sleeves and areas to write on that who would want a shop bought one when you could personalise your own. Amazing project once again Sam. :o)

  2. Hi Sam,

    Thank you for sending me this email with the link to your latest blog post – DIY Travel Journal

    I watched your video tutorial this morning and was enthralled from start to finish. I have seen a few TJ on You Tube but your project Sam was easy to follow, but certainly not simple in its layout. Great ideas for a TJ or just a very special journal for someone which could be personalised for them.

    Till next time,




  3. This is really cool, I would love to make my own! I actually have a few questions…

    I was wondering what you use to “score” the kraft card and what the red tape is, I haven’t seen anything like it. Not sure what type of glue you’re using, was wondering if the glue hold up if it gets wet?

  4. Hi, I score my card stock with my Stampin Up Scoreboard. My Red Tape is purchased from “Every Crafts A Pound” in the UK and the glue I use is mainly Tombow which is a non-water based glue which can with hold some contact if wet. Hope this helps, Sam 🙂

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